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Dearest Fionn,

Another birthday! Another yearly letter from me extolling your beauty, your virtues and your intelligence.

When I was 23, I was traipsing across the province selling porcelain windchimes at art shows. Totally broke and, in looking back, having a fabulous time. You can never repeat your youth, Fionn. So make sure you enjoy it while you can, and make wonderful memories. They may help to sustain you in your old age. I know mine have.


So! A university graduate! I know going to university was not something you loved. But you did it. Thank you and congratulations. I am so proud. And not just because you finished it, but because you did it while not liking it. That’s not easy. And unfortunately, I can say with almost 99 percent certainty, it won’t be the last time that happens.


But let’s dwell on the positive. The wonderful man you’ve become, and will continue to be. Smart. Polite. Friendly. Astute. Deep thinker. Handsome. Funny. Quick to smile. Is your head getting big? Generous. Did I mention your generosity? And thoughtfulness?

I’m not sure you recognize your beauty, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. No one likes arrogance or cockiness, least of all me. But I can assure you, your light is bright.


Right underneath your skin. Sparkling bits of magnificence, stream silently through your veins. Can you feel them? Can you see them? I can. But of course, I am old. And you are young.


Fine Fionn. I often loll that phrase about in my head. Fine Fionn. Fine, fine, fine Fionn. It just appears out of nowhere. As an echo, echo, echo. Such a soft, sweet sound. Mellifluous. What a lovely word that is! So fitting.
A new year in our new house! It’s more than a house, of course, it’s a home. Our home, yours, mine and dad’s. You can move out whenever you like, though I’d prefer not anytime soon. Actually, I’d prefer never, but that’s not realistic. Of course you want to spread your wings and fly. Far and wide? Or maybe not too far…but just far enough…. No matter. It’s whatever you want. I would be the last to stand in your way.
But your roots, Fionn. Your roots. They are part of us. And for that, I am ever grateful. When I am dead and gone, hopefully in the far distant future, I want you to remember what joy and happiness you brought into my life, and our life.

I wish for you to be happy, with who you are and whatever you do. I wish for you to love, deeply. I wish for to you see beauty in all things. It is everywhere, Fionn. Just close your eyes and see.

Love you to the moon and back, forever and for always.


Fine Fionn, who loves to be photographed.