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I grew up across the river from Ottawa in a little village called Templeton, Quebec, and moved to Ottawa when I was 10.

In my teens, I thought I wanted to be a farmer and graduated from Kemptville College of Agricultural Technology (now part of the University of Guelph) in 1980.

After a short stint milking Ayrshire dairy cows, I decided there had to be an easier way to make a living, so I turned to writing, something I had always loved. I graduated with distinction in 1986 from the journalism program at Concordia University in Montreal and have been writing professionally ever since. I went on to earn a Master of Arts in communication on fellowship at Syracuse University in New York State in 1990.

If I could enter a Ph.D program now, I would! I love to learn!

But I work full time for the federal government (fittingly at Agriculture Canada!)  and there’s only so much time. Maybe when I retire (ha!). 

Your book is like a box of fine chocolates. I keep going back to it. What talent, what emotion, what writing ability. You see clearly and you stand for the truth, regardless. I have so much affection for you. Thank you for letting me in.
Your friend,

Nicole Beauchamp

Ottawa, May 2016 - I Need You to Know

I LOVED your book Erin. I felt all kinds of things and learned a lot. For such a far-reaching book I found it very easy to read…Rolls right off your tongue. Your unique sense of humour shone through. I will definitely buy some for gifts. Please write another book, Erin. I look forward to more from you! Mary Dunlap

Ottawa - I Need You to Know


A children’s educational book about seahorses.

The history of the Canadian Dairy Commission, a federal crown corporation.

An anthology of family lore and history.