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Except for X:

A Seahorse ABC

This book basically fell out of my brain. I never set out to write it. It just happened. I finished the first draft sometime in 2015, but there was the matter of finding an illustrator—and one who wasn’t expecting market rates for their masterpieces. Doug and I were publishing it ourselves, read: cha-ching. I made some feeble advertising attempts and got a few nibbles. But nothing that came to fruition.

Obviously, I was waiting to meet Jennifer Wilson, who I did in September 2017 at United Way Ottawa while working on assignment from my government job.

She painted the little story and poem to life and my husband Doug built its sweet little house.

We are all pleased with the results.

The Birth of a New Book: Except for X

What readers are saying

I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. It is truly lovely, an interesting and fascinating read. I love the design as well—very unique and fits in well with the seahorse theme. And the illustrations are beautiful. It is so well done! 

I also liked learning so much about seahorses by reading it! I look forward to giving this book to my grandchildren and my “adopted” grandchild. I know they will love it!

Jane O’Neill,

Ottawa, Ontario