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My lovely husband, Douglas McKercher, wished me well as I galloped off on my yearly week-long writing get-away. To show my appreciation for his constant support, and for putting up with sparkles and barn board, both of which he hates and I love, I wrote him this poem.

Happy National Poetry Month everyone!

Sweet lover of mine, so soft, so tender

I walk through your heart into my dreams
Dreams I never knew I had
Until you appeared
And reached out, ever so gently
So, so gently
For my hand, for my heart

My little heart

So broken, so lonely, so scarred
So scared of so many things
People, places, a look, an offside remark
Too intense, too sensitive, too everything

But not for you.

You scooped me up, you soothed my spirit…
It was ok, you said, to just be me.

I listened, I learned, I loved

Slowly, slowly, slowly

Ever so slowly

Freedom, I never had

And here we are

Yesterday long gone

Our youth far behind, so far

Our love so steadfast, so genuine

So mine, so forever.



April 2017, Tamworth, Ontario